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I am moving to New York in October with Gap Inc. for an adventure I can have in my twenties. I truly love what I am doing.





Meet Stephanie Lee, an Upsilon Psi alum with a big heart and even bigger dreams. For Stephanie, Alpha Kappa Psi was a place that she could dream beyond college and truly think about what she wanted.

“There are a lot of Alpha Kappa Psi alumni that I am really grateful to have around me. We went through everything together, and now we are all stable and have really figured things out. We all understand that our lives are better because of Alpha Kappa Psi.”

Today, she is working as a Market Planning Analyst at Gap. It is her first job, and she loves it. Stephanie found a way to combine her love for clothing and business, and works with pricing and allocation strategy, forecasting sales, and setting company goals.

"Honestly, dream big. Live the life you are proud of. Take opportunities, experience everything. If it is risky, take it. If you do not like it, you will learn from it. When people are happy around me - that is when I am happy too." 


Alpha Kappa Psi provided me with an amazing resource: a network of ambitious, intelligent, and good-hearted individuals in diverse fields.





Meet Eric Tan, an Upsilon Psi alum working corporate by day and producing music by night. He DJs under the name “dasu” and creates mixes that tell stories and convey feelings through hip-hop, R&B, and future beats. Most recently, he was reached out to by a radio station in Miami, and had a guest mix and interview for one of their shows.

 "I always knew I wanted to tie my interest in fashion and retail with my business brain. Now, I dive deep into financial history and strategy, and "paint pictures" to cross-functional partners through my presentations to drive business growth."

Our alumni continue to help each other in the post-grad world through advice and sharing of opportunities. In college, Alpha Kappa Psi was a catalyst to Eric's growth. He began to think more about and shape his professional development, because the Brothers around him were always doing so. It began a path and constant strive of growth.

"Surround yourself with people that will go far. I have seen generations of Alpha Kappa Psi Brothers, all of them unique in personality, goals, skills, and fields, but every generation has a similar vibe. They are all passionate and intelligent hustlers, who are always looking to help the ones around them."

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